50Hz / 60Hz / 400Hz genset controller

+ canBUS + oscilloscope + data logger + 500 events log + keystart + autostart + rs485 + transient recorder + electric power analyzer

We have produced this short video in order to present to you  the Be124 Centurion. It is a large step forward for such a small and extremely flexible, generator control system. In cases where you need extra features we really recommend that you consider to the Be124 generator control system. We have invested significant effort in designing this but, after all, we expect to offer the best equipment in our market sector. You will be asking why you should buy from us? All companies today will claim to have the best product at the best price and will say they can offer you the best service and so on...again and again. But this is not the case for the Be124 Centurion: this is simply unique!. So, for us only one phrase matters: UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION. The Be124 generator control system is enclosed in a standard 96 by 96 millimetre box. In its basics, it is an engine protection module that features a manual start via a key switch. It also includes a full 3-phase generator monitoring module. The Be124 generator control system provides the user with visual indication by means of LEDs and a Display Panel for all parameters and alarms.  You will experience  a CRYSTALLINE CLARITY of what is going on and what is happening with your generator. 

Most important of all, It features RS485 and CANBUS communication too. You can connect any SAE-J1939 compatible engine and from this, you could obtain readings of many parameters for display. You can set limits for alarms and warnings too. If CANBUS is not available on your engine, you can connect analogue sensors and switches in such a way that you are able to monitor the OIL pressure, Engine temperature, FUEL level and so on. 
The Be124 generator control system has configurable INPUTS and OUTPUTS in such a way that you can significantly extend the application range of your generator. In other words the Be124 generator control system can work with any type of engine. The display indicates measurements and various operational messages that includes alarms, warnings and shut downs. There are many pages very well organised. You will be surprised at how simple it is moving though the pages of the display. Once in the AUTO mode of operation, you can remotely control your generator by using a computer via RS485, or a device connected to the Internet or even by using your mobile phone utilising SMS.  What it is really important to state is that the Be124 generator control system  can control your generator in a safe way especially when working in harsh environments. 

We are talking about electronic boards fully coated for an incomparable protection against the elements, inputs and outputs  well protected against over-voltages. We are talking about improvement in the design specification based upon the experience of more than 500,000 generator control systems Bernini Design running worldwide. The Be124 generator control system has a full 3 years of warranty cover. LAST BUT by no means LEAST, each controller is tested after undergoing 72 hours of burn in at both low temperature and high temperature. If anything anytime should give you rise to think that the Be124 is damaged or defective, or even if you have doubts about functionality, you can determine what the problem is by using the built in TROUBLE SHOOTING software. Despite the internal complexity of  the Be124 we are able to provide you with an easy to use & simple to understand controller. In addition to the comprehensive OEM manual required for installation we also provide an ‘easy to understand’ user manual for the end user.

BE124 Auto Start Tutorial

BE124 General Tutorial Video

BE124 Oscilloscope

Be124 Centurion OEM & User Manuals      

> BE124 Centurion Generator Control System OEM Manual (EN)                            > BE124 Centurion Generator Control System USER Manual (EN)



> Diagnostic Battery Data Recorder
> Power Meter & Canbus Data Logger 
> Integrates Oscilloscope Functions
> Bar, PSI, °C, °F & RPM Recorder
> RS485 Modbus-RTU, TCP-IP & SMS
> Canbus SAE 1939 Messages Decoder
> Keystart, Austostart, Remote Control
> Uninterrutible Real Time Clock
> 31 Days Energy Data Logger
> Programmable Inputs/Outputs

> 500 Events Log History
> 3 Maintenance & Rental Timers,
> kVA, kVAr, +kW, -kW, PF, kWh,
> 3-phase V & A, Hz, h, °C, Bar, %
> Over 200 Functions & Parameters
> Ideal for Gas Gasoline & Diesel
> Ideal for 10-1000kVA Generators
> SCADA available free of charge
> Earth Fault Current Monitoring
> Extended Operating Temperature Range


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